There are many who will have submitted to the phenomenon that has been unleashed on our populous. Some for sure, have disbelievingly turned each page, others have had to stow a twitching palm, and yet more will have wondered just how much more of the torturous writing we could take …..

Some will have seen the film in seat-squirming discomfort, wondering has it all got a bit out of hand, and can it possibly be true to life ……?

However, for all of us it has brought to the surface an aspect of life that exists within many but is rarely shared. It will undoubtedly lead to many tongue in cheek discussions with our friends, not least in trying to discover whether they are more or less well informed, what preferences they may have, just what their boundaries would be and would they dare ……?

It is a journey which starts with the unsurety of where to begin, how to set about it and how to far to go. Even grey is a spectrum and we realise that everybody and every couple has different hopes, fears and limits.

Want to try a red room of pain?

Your choice where to start needn’t be overwhelming. You don’t require anything other than the desire to satisfy your curiosity or sate your appetite! The Cheshire Dungeon allows you to experiment, as it has all the resources you could possibly want at your disposal where you can set your own level. You will be offered a tailored experience in a discreet, safe yet stimulating environment.

Is your interest piqued? Your attention grabbed? Your fascination aroused? Mistress Victoria will answer all your questions and help you on to road of fantastic discovery whilst having enormous fun on the way!

I look forward to hearing from you.


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